Application Process

It's a simple, four step process:

    1. 1. Application: Download, fill out and turn in the application (click the Apply Now! link above)  along with your check for dues

    1. 2. Sponsor: If you know a RAT member, they can be your sponsor. If not, we can find one for you!

    1. 3. Confirmation: There is a 30 day waiting period before you are officially a member

    1. 4. Introduction: You will be introduced to the club via email and in person

Types of Memberships and Dues

  • Individual Membership: One vote at club meetings, $25.00/year
  • Family Membership: Up to two votes at club meetings, $30.00/year
  • To vote, you must be a regular Member in Good Standing (MIGS)
  • Dues for applications and subscriptions received after July 1 are prorated to half the annual rate.

Expectations of Members

    • Have fun and build a better relationship with your dog
    • Always be a good sport and cheer on your fellow agility lovers
    • Always treat your dog well – if only one of you has fun, be sure it is your dog
    • Help out at trials, demonstrations, fun runs, etc. – our ability to put on these events depends entirely on the active participation of our members

For complete information on membership with the Rainier Agility Team, read our Membership Information Document

How to Join