Title Awards

For detailed information on the club policy regarding title awards, please review RAT PINS PULLS LINKS PLAQUE POLICY 2023


As a member of the Rainier Agility Team, you are eligible to receive recognition for the titles your dog(s) have received.

When you become a club member, you can receive a plaque for your dog once they receive their first title. This plaque is free.


Once you have received a plaque, you can add links. These are little brass plates with your dog's titles engraved on them. They hang on the hooks. These cost a few dollars each but you can put quite a few titles on each link.

Pins & Pulls

As an additional benefit, you can choose to order pins or zipper pulls. These are functionally the same in appearance with the difference being that zipper pulls with have an attachment for your zipper while a pin just has a pin back. The Rainier Agility Team will provide a few of these free for you each year with any additional you want to order being charged just wholesale cost plus any shipping if you want them mailed.

Title awards