Rat Tales Sept-October 2021

RAT TALES Sept-Oct 2021


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Double Digit Dogs

Dog Days of Summer NADAC Trial

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Spotlight on Members

Meet Karen Ricketts and Sally Nickelson

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Jesse 16 + years with Patti Cavin

RAT’s Dog Days of Summer Trial September 3-5 ended with a lot of sunshine. Trial Chair Patti Cavin’s report:

Another Dog Days of Summer Trial is in the books. As trial chairs we try to find the appropriate words of thanks, praise, gratitude and levity to describe these events. I think our judge, Karin Bell, said it best

“Thanks again for a great weekend. Your trial brought back the joy of agility for me. Reminded me how much I really do like judging.”

While we didn’t all have the joy of judging we did have the joy of this weekend together, playing with our dogs and seeing people that in some cases we haven’t seen in over a year.

Our committee was the best, always willing, always doing more than expected and with smiles.

Our Secretary Beth Gideon worked, smiled, juggled multiple dogs, scored and sent the results the day we finished the trial. Awesome!!!!

Kari Hammargren (maker of Jello goodies) and I are a team to be reckoned with and I can’t thank her enough for having my back both before, during and after this event. Amazing my friend!

Anne Seethoff you may be sorry you ever agreed to be our CCR because you handled all the work with cheer and good will never missing a beat. You will be in high demand with your skills. Many Thanks!

Tim Evans your learning curve was steep when handling the equipment and you didn’t miss a beat.

The Roller Family, need I say more? You were everywhere, building, moving equipment, laughing, holding dogs, running dogs. You spirits are tireless and bright.

Teddi and Cathy you two are my rocks, hauling, directing traffic, helping and instructing Tim always with smiles. How you handled the COVID waivers with never a grumble to be heard was genius.

Kathy Swan the Awards were merry and bright and you also never missed a beat making sure special ribbons and poles were ready and waiting.

Eric Sanford your heroic effect to deliver the ribbons to the trial BEFORE heading to the emergency room deserved a special merit award.

I also want to mention the support of Sam Leitz from SchaSam Farms who I think worked every class she didn’t run with her dogs. Thanks Sam for your support.

To all of you that enjoyed this past weekend with us I want you to know we couldn’t make this event happen with such joy and fun without all of you. NADAC people are the best.

Our Double Digit Dog Parade was a special moment, a reminder of our four legged friends that have given us so much. Special thanks to Doris and Sher for all the props, Teddi and Cathy for organizing the event and Kari for announcing.

Please go to Nina’s Photography to look at the fabulous proofs from the weekend. The fun that was captured warms my heart.

Until next time, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Old Dogs New Dogs

Chace sleeping peacefully

Ann Egger’s Chace was 15 years old on August 30th
He Loves his sleep, and going to Home Depot for outings
Love my love bug!
Ann Eggers

Meet Cheryl Parker’s New Dog Earl –

Earl of the High Desert, King of Hearts! He is named after my dad and comes from Millward High Desert Cockers in Blackfoot Idaho. He is 8 months old now and bigger than Samm! He is smart, funny and will learn agility and whatever life has to offer.

Meet Karen Rickett’s Maija – four months old (pronounced My-ya)

RAT August Meeting at Joan Benjamin’s home

RAT Meeting – August

Joshua – “Is this meeting boring or what? “

Doris Dyar with a feathered friend

Karen Ricketts & Jackie Loeser
Sally Nickelson, , Teri Kruse,Debra Sweat,Karen Ricketts, Christie Woolsey,Corey Thorpe

On the Left Kerstin Erhart, April Stanke, Lisa Weber, Cliff Cochran & Corey Thorpe

RAT Brag Board
RAT Brags

Judge Mike Brownell with Steed & Sally Nickelson at the Sno Bounders CPE Trial August 2021

  • Steed earned his C-ATCH3 at the SnoBounders trial. He continues to be my best boy ever, and thankfully continues to yell at me and correct me at every turn.
  • I managed to keep my now 15-month old April alive for over a year, despite her obsession with eating and swallowing large sharp pieces of wood. Thankfully through a lot of management, she now seldom eats wood, although management continues.
  • April is loving the agility game and will be a super fun partner in the future. I just hope I’ll be able to keep up with her! I see lots of distance in our future – more NADAC here we come!

Dougan gets his


Dougan and Patti with NATCH at SchaSam Farm  September 18, 2021

Patti with Judge Pam Kaye receiving High in Trial at SchaSam Sept 18, 2021 in Intro level for Seriously?

Snap and Corey won

High In Trial for Level C

at the Four Paw Fur Fun Trial September 19, 2021

Snap is 11 years old!!!

Spotlight On Members

Meet Karen Ricketts

Rat Tales: Karen what area do you live in?

Karen: I’ve lived in the South Sound for over 20 years

Rat Tales: Can you tell me about your dogs ? Dogs names, ages, breed, etc.

Karen: I have two Shetland Sheepdogs:  Shiloh, my sable sheltie, is 9 years old and Maija (pronounced My-ya), a cute little blue merle, who is 4 months old.

Rat Tales: How did you get interested in dog agility?

Karen: I had watched agility competitions on TV for years and always wanted to try it.  I once went to an agility competition at the Puyallup Fair and was captivated.  I couldn’t figure out how the leash magically got from where it was removed to where the run ended.   In 2006 I got my first agility dog, Shelby, although I didn’t know at the time that we would be learning that.  Shortly after that, the company I worked for was sold and I thought I’d be losing my job.  At the same time my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  I was taking Shelby to a puppy manners class and saw an ad for beginner’s agility classes, so I signed up.   Doing agility with Shelby because my stress reliever for dealing with everything.  And I became hooked.  We were training in a small indoor facility and couldn’t do full height equipment, so I started looking for another place to train.  As we continued training, everyone kept talking about agility trials, so I decided to give it a try.  One trial, and I’ve been addicted ever since.  Along the way, I’ve been blessed to meet so many wonderful people and make some really great friends.

Rat Tales: Are you competing? If so for how long?    

Karen: I am competing currently, when my worn out knees cooperate!  I think I’ve been competing for around 12 years.

RAT Tales: What venues do you compete in? 

Karen: I started out in NADAC but now mostly compete in CPE, but also do AKC, ASCA and NADAC from time to time.

RAT Tales: What other activities do you do with your dogs?  

Karen: It’s pretty much just agility, although Shiloh does have a Novice tricks title.  I also like to take them for walks on trails.

Rat Tales: What do you like about being a RAT Club member    

Karen:I enjoy being part of a community of people who enjoy the same hobby and who are willing to share their experience and expertise.

RAT Tales: What RAT Activities have you helped with? 

Karen: I’ve been trial Secretary for many RAT trials (NADAC, CPE, and ASCA) since 2011.  I’ve worked at trials, including scorekeeping at USDAA trials, participated in demos; and currently am on the Board as the Club Secretary.  I’ve did  awards for NADAC and CPE for several  years.

RAT Tales: Do you have any particular interests you would like to share ?

Karen: I like to read, crochet, and enjoying going to the movies with friends.  I also enjoy making jewelry and doing jigsaw puzzles. 

RAT Tales: What funny things do your dogs do?  

Karen: The funniest thing Maija does is erratically hopping around like a rabbit when she needs to poo.   Shiloh’s funniest things are that he loves to “chase” the many planes that fly over our backyard and after dark, he races out and barks and the moon and the stars.

RAT Tales: What do you like  best about your dog(s)? 

Karen: I love their companionship and the sense of accomplishment I feel for them when they learn something new or master a new behavior (like all things agility).  I love to see the joy in their eyes when they are having fun and are happy.  I also love how fearless they both are while having such sweet souls.

Karen with Shelby

Karen with Sher Francis, Lisa Triggs, Joan Benjamin & Doris Dyar at the FPFF CPE tria

Meet Sally Nickelson

Sally, Len, Steed and Emma

RAT Tales: What area you live in?

Sally: Lynnwood

RAT Tales: Tell us about your dogs

Sally: We have Emma, a Keeshond who is 15.5 years old,

Steed, a Sheltie mix who is 11.75 years old, and

April Dancer an English Cocker Spaniel who is 16 months old.

RAT Tales: How did you get interested in dog agility?

Sally: We took an intro to agility class when Emma was about a year old.  She LOVED it, so that started our agility journey that we’ve been on ever since.

RAT Tales: Are you competing? If so for how long

Sally: Yes, we started competing with Emma in 2009, and with Steed in 2011.  So, it’s been 12 years so far, hopefully with many more to come, with our up and coming pup, April.

RAT Tales: What venues do you compete in? 

Sally: :  NADAC and CPE

Rat Tales: What other activities do you do with your dogs?

Sally:  Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Camping.  April has started nosework and LOVES it.  I plan to start Steed in nosework this winter.

Rat Tales What do you like about being a RAT Club member? 

Sally: I love the people and how much they all love their dogs.  It’s so much fun to see everyone playing together.  I like how friendly people are and how they pitch in to help.

Rat Tales: What RAT Activities have you helped with?  Membership? 

Sally: Served for 2 years on the Board of Directors as secretary; Currently Membership chair;  Currently do all the CPE awards for all RAT CPE trials;  and serve as trial secretary for the Sweetheart NADAC trial.  I always work at every trial I attend in whatever job needs doing, as well as helping out at Demos when I’m available.

RAT Tales: Do you have any particular interests you would like to share?

Sally: I love to travel, especially internationally.  I love experiencing other cultures and especially their foods.  We often take a cooking class in each country we visit.  As a retired wildlife biologist, I love seeking out wildlife in their native habitat, especially in Africa.

RAT Tales: What Places have you visited in your travels?

Sally: Europe – England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria
Africa – Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa
Asia – Thailand, China, India
Australia – east coast
Americas – Costa Rica, Mexico. Had to cancel my 2020 trip to Brazil because of COVID. Hopefully it’ll be safe enough to go some day.

RAT Tales: What funny things do your dogs do? 

Sally: April is so happy at all times, that her tail and entire body wags pretty much constantly – sometimes her tail even wags in her sleep.

RAT Tales: What do you like best about your dog(s)?

Sally: They live in the moment, never worrying about the past or the future.  They embody unconditional love. 

Len and Sally in Varnassi
Taj Mahal Moonlight Garden
Steed and April

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