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RAT Tales Summer 2019

Happy Birthday to Michael & Heather Bruce’s Bandit! 13 years young on August 13 2019. Bandit & his brother Zoot’s birthday…13….I can hardly believe it, we just brought him home a couple of months ago….sigh.   Photos attached are of Jet (Eric’s dog) flirting with Bandit….and finally hugging him with the […]

RAT Tales March 2019

This Month in RAT Tales in Spotlight on Members we talk to Debbie and Mike Mason and new member Linda Hall. We also have BRAGS!!! Spotlight on Members Meet RAT members: Debbie and Mike Mason I first met Debbie and Mike Mason when we first started out in agility about […]

December 2018 RAT Brag Board

Boogie and Mike Mason Boogie & Mike Mason recently attended the NADAC Championships held in Gillette, Wyoming. For a record fourth time, they came in 1st place in their division. In fact, Boogie had the highest score of any dog at any height in the double digit class. Once again, […]

March 2018 RAT Brag Board

Photo by Bill at Latitude Photography March 2018 RAT Members Brags! Ann Seethoff and Jack Jack earned his first Novice Regular Q and took first yesterday at the NADAC Fund Raiser in Mount Vernon even with a Jones’ moment!!!  Of course it is my dog who spies Chris’s GoPro at […]

RAT Tales March 2018

In this Issue: Fun Stuff And Spotlight on RAT members Have brags?  pictures,? announcements for the next Rat Tales the Blog?  Email Sandy Cox and Nick Nick : [email protected] Agility is like climbing Mt. Rainier: on the way you meet lots of wonderful people, see lots of animals, experience challenges and […]